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How the UK’s East and South-East Asian communities are fighting COVID-related violence

23 November 2021

Diana Yeh writes about the UK's East and Southeast Asian migrant and diaspora communities and how they are coming together to respond to a rise in racist violence in the time of COVID.

In the UK, we are witnessing a historically significant moment for East and South-East Asian community organising – which is now happening on an unprecedented level. Though the experience of COVID-19 has devastated and traumatised our communities, it has also galvanised a new anti-racist consciousness, which has led to the development of new networks of mobilisation.

Read the whole article here.

Upcoming Forest Walkshop: Few Spaces Left!

10 November 2021

We are opening a few spaces for those interested to join our Forest Walk on Nov 27!

The Forest Walk will be facilitated by Breakwater of Youngsook Choi & Taey Iohe. It aims to hold space to gently unpack stories of community care, solidarity and resistance amongst East & Southeast Asian community organisers and activists during the time of Covid-19.

Walk with us on Saturday, Nov 27, 10.30-2pm. We have very limited slots!

Venue: Epping Forest

Transportation and food expenses will be covered.

Email to reserve your space!

Upcoming workshops on Abolitionist Approaches to Hate Crime

26 October 2021

We are collaborating with Remember & Resist for a two-part online participatory workshop series for East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) people to strategise together in the wake of heightened racism during the Covid pandemic.

Remember & Resist will be running a round of Abolitionist Approaches to Hate Crime workshops on October 30 and November 6. Register through 

Content warning for workshops: discussion of racist harassment and attacks, police brutality

The first workshop, what's wrong with hate crime? will explore issues with the 'hate crime' framing of racist attacks and its implications. There will be a short presentation, after which we will read a short text together and discuss in breakout rooms.

The second workshop, strategies for community care, will explore how we might respond to racist attacks and climates without relying on police. In breakout rooms, we will strategise about responses to scenarios based on real events in break out rooms.

The workshops will be taking place on Zoom. As these workshops are designed in two parts, we ask participants to commit to both workshops in a series. Please only sign up if you can commit to both; we have limited spaces, and have designed the workshops for a specific number of participants. Of course we understand that life is unpredictable! If you sign up and in the end are unable to make it, please just let us know as early as possible so we can fill up the space.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to attend the workshops, but they will be participatory.


27 September 2021

The ESEA Community Commissioning Fund is a dedicated pot to fund ESEA creative submissions to our hub, to kickstart a critical space for reflection and build a sense of community, collective history and anti-racist activism.

We are inviting writers, researchers, community organisers, visual artists, activists and social justice warriors, students, influencers, content creators and proud undefinables to submit original works in any form (written, audio, visual, or any combination thereof) that best bear witness to lived experiences of – or community responses – to COVID-related racisms.

These are paid commissions ranging from £50 to £300, depending on scale of work.

How to apply

Simply send us an email at:

With the following title format:

'Your Name - Format - Piece Name'

e.g. John Chan - Blog - How to make the best wonton

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you want to contribute. Include a proposed title, a description of your submission and format.

Please submit proposals by 15 October 2021.

Possible formats: 

Blogs; infographics; stories; drawings; cartoons; Instagram post series; video-clips; video diaries; case-studies; reflections; songs; educational resources (e.g. ‘How to’ series)

Other output formats welcome.

Things to consider when creating your concept

As this is part of a larger research project, we would like the work to address at least one of following key questions:

1. What is the lived experiences of COVID-related racisms for ESEAs in the UK?

For example:

· What is the nature and impact of these racisms?

· How does this differ for specific groups?

· How do these relate to, or intersect with, longstanding, structural forms of anti-Asian and other racisms?

· How can we attend to the intersectionality of these experiences?

2. What role can communities play in addressing the impact of COVID-related and other racisms?

For example:

· How have different actors in ESEA communities responded?

· What strategies of solidarity, care and/or resistance have we used or can we share?

· What are the successes we have achieved and what are the challenges we have faced?

· How can we build and sustain community?

· How can we create healing and empowering spaces?

· What is community or solidarity and who are they for?

· How we address inter-community differences and difficulties?

· How can we facilitate difficult conversations and how do we handle conflict?

· How can we deal with burnout?

3. How can ESEAs work with other racially minoritized communities to achieve racial justice for all?

For example:

· What examples do we have of this in the UK?

· What are the borders of ‘Asianness’?

· How can we build strategic alliances?

· How can we co-create a vision of justice?

· How does the model minority myth impact upon this?

· How do we address anti-blackness and other racisms within our communities?

Commissions will be granted to proposals which best respond to these themes and take into account our manifesto.


Please submit proposals by 15 October 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by 22 October 2021.

Final work must be submitted by 30 November 2021.


Commissioned works will be published on the hub and will be credited. If for any reason, you would like your submission to remain anonymous, please let us know.

This fund has been made possible by the generosity of Resourcing Racial Justice .

Launch of ESEA Community Care, Solidarity and Resistance Online Hub

24 September 2021

We are live!

On September 24, we launched the ESEA Online Community Hub! Thank you to everyone who attended our online event and sharing their thoughts and time with us.

The ESEA Hub is born from the research project Responding to COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racial Violence through Community Care, Solidarity and Resistance, led by Dr Diana Yeh and funded by Resourcing Racial Justice and the SASS Higher Education Innovation Fund, City, University of London. More about the project here.

During the launch, we heard from the web development team, Ghost and John, about their design process and journey. We also heard from Asia Art Activism, Breakwater, Remember & Resist, Moongate Productions, Southeast and East Asian Centre and End the Virus of Racism about the important work they’ve been doing in response to COVID-19 racisms and the projects lined up in partnership with us. More about these projects here.

More than anything, this hub intends to benefit ESEA communities and individuals by holding space to bear witness to and document our lived experiences of racism and to empower ourselves through the sharing of diverse strategies of care, solidarity and resistance. We hope to build a sense of community, collective history and anti-racist activism. Read our manifesto here.