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In September 2023, we launched a mini-talk series highlighting ESEA academics in the UK and their work with ESEA communities. Every month thereafter, we will release a lecture by an ESEA academic on an aspect of their work that they would like to spotlight and bring to the attention of a wider audience. We aim to raise awareness of ESEA academics and their work and create opportunity for academics to enhance the impact of their work, bring it to a wider audience and become more publicly recognised.

This project is part of a wider project Responding to COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racial Violence through Community Creativity, Care, Solidarity and Resistance. Building on the previous three years’ work with East and Southeast Asians (ESEAs) communities in the UK, this project will co-research and co-create educational resources on ESEAs to begin building a sustainable infrastructure of knowledge and representation. This is important as ESEAs are an invisible and overlooked group and there is very little public and academic knowledge on these communities.Add here list of links to each Academic's page.

Who are the ESEA academics we are featuring?

September 2023

Dr. Diana Yeh - Introduction to ESEA Heritage Month

October 2023

Dr. Anh Khoi Nguyen - What is Heritage? The complexities of British-Vietnamese communities

November 2023

Dr. Cora Lingling Xu - The portrayal of Chinese international students: A critical review

December 2023

Professor Gregory B. Lee - The Drummer in the Background Keeping Cadence: Micro- and macro-histories of the Chinese migrants in Britain

January 2024

Dr. Marlo De Lara - Displanting Routes: Sounding Philippine Diasporas

February 2024

Dr. Hyun-Joo Lim - North Korean women in the UK: human rights violations and activism

March 2024

Dr. Wing Fai Leung - Butterflies and Resistance: Creative activism against persistent colonial gaze on East and Southeast Asian women

April 2024

Dr. Maiko Kawabata - Cultural Imperialism, the New Yellow Peril and the racialisation of East Asian musicians in professional Western European orchestras

May 2024

Dr. Roderick G Galam - Filipino Undocumented Migrant Domestic Workers and the UK Hostile Environment Policy

June 2024

Dr. Shzr Ee Tan - Radical Aunties of East Asia

July 2024

Dr. Eva Cheuk-Yin Li - New Hong Kong Migrants in the UK: Social Media Content and Influencers

August 2024

Dr. Flair Donglai SHI - Negotiating Racism and Chineseness between Sinophobia and Sinocentrism

ESEA Mini-Talk Series

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