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Workshop Collaborations 

with EVR

EVR are running a focus group with a diverse group of participants of ESEA backgrounds. The focus group will explore our community members’ experiences engaging with the media, and with shaping narratives around COVID-19 and racisms.

with Claire Chou Doran

This is a two-part participatory workshop series, designed and hosted by Claire Chou Doran, Senior Consultant at The Social Change Agency.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to attend these workshops.

with Breakwater of Youngsook Choi & Taey Iohe

Breakwater of Youngsook Choi & Taey Iohe is a collective duo of Korean Diaspora Artists. They will be facilitating 2 workshop sessions for our project, utilising some of the elements of their Becoming Forest project, a solidarity healing practice, and customising it for East and Southeast Asian community leaders. These workshops will focus on bringing community leaders together through sharing stories...

with Scott Wark

What has it really meant to be ESEA and to build ESEA community in Covid times? What experiences, moments, events, connections, or memories define ESEA organising during the pandemic? How might we begin to build a collective narrative of this period?

with Ghost and John

This workshop was held in the summer of 2021, participated by active members of the UK ESEA community, and facilitated by our web design team Ghost & John. The Design Workshop was conducted to help us develop the design and function of the online community hub, and to create a website that is inclusive and representative of our community...

with Moongate Productions

We have partnered with Moongate Productions for 2 workshop sessions investigating and exploring the role of music in diaspora communities as a form of self-care fostering a sense of comfort, an anchor for identity, and a connector to their heritage...

with Southeast and East Asian Centre (SEEAC)

SEEAC hosted a workshop on UK immigration pathways and employment rights (with focus on racism and discrimination at work) for East and Southeast Asian International Students in the summer of 2021...

with Remember & Resist

This is a two-part online participatory workshop series, hosted and designed by Remember & Resist. These workshops are for East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) people to strategise together in the wake of heightened racism during the Covid pandemic...