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ESEA Arts & Culture Community Mapping: Building Infrastructure of Knowledge


🗓️ 26 July 2023, Wednesday


🗣️ Angela YT Chan

On July 26, Wednesday, we mapped out ESEA arts and culture in Britain. We looked at the different kinds of art practices (i.e. music, performing, visual arts, etc) across geographies and time.

We intend to develop new narratives to educate ourselves and wider society about ESEA presence and histories in the UK to support long-term structural and social and cultural change.

There were 2 workshop sessions on July 26, Wednesday:

AM session: 10.30am-1pm 

PM session: 2-4.30pm

In preparation for the workshop, there was a suggested reading of a chapter written by Dr Diana Yeh, which explores mainly British Chinese, but also broader ESEA cultural practices in the UK: The Cultural Politics of In/Visibility: Contesting ‘British Chineseness’ in the Arts.

All participants will be acknowledged as co-creators in the resources (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

This workshop is part of a wider project Responding to COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racial Violence through Community Creativity, Care, Solidarity and Resistance led by Dr Diana Yeh.

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