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ESEA heritage month resources

A Resource Package for Universities and Workplaces


Introduction to East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month

by Dr. Diana Yeh, City, University of London

We are pleased to launch ESEA Hub's East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month resources especially designed to inspire and support universities and workplaces to host their own ESEA Heritage Month events.


Co-creating these resources with East and Southeast Asian students and professionals, we aim to enhance understanding and build awareness of these invisibilised communities.

Our ready-to-use resources include:

  1. An Introduction to East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month video

  2. An Expanded Transcript and Resource List for further exploration and reading

  3. ESEA Mini-Talk Series by 11 academics, released monthly, sharing the latest research on ESEA communities in Britain in an engaging and accessible way

  4. A set of 'Studying while ESEA' awareness campaign videos on the struggles and aspirations of ESEA students in UK Higher Education.

'Studying while ESEA'


These 'Studying while ESEA' awareness campaign videos aim to shed light on the experiences of ESEA students in UK Higher Education. In collaboration with Ghost & John, these videos were shot and produced after an interactive workshop rediscovering each student’s journey as an ESEA in a UK university and the joys and challenges they've encountered along the way.

Access the full video here.


This Introduction to East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month video provides a starting point for those who know little about ESEA communities or ESEA Heritage Month. 


The full video is approximately 20 minutes long and discusses the following questions:

  • What is ESEA Heritage Month and why do we have it?

  • What does ESEA mean and how did the term come about?

  • What was the role of COVID Racism in its increased usage?

  • Who are the ESEA communities in Britain?

  • What are some of the histories of racism for ESEAs in the UK?

  • Why is calling someone a Model Minority a contemporary form of racism?

  • What are the histories of ESEA communities in Britain?

  • What are the contributions of ESEA communities to Britain?

  • What are the joys and struggles of ESEAs in universities?

  • What are the joys and struggles of ESEAs in workplaces?

  • How can ESEA mental health be supported?

  • What can we all do to advocate for ESEAs?


It comes with an Expanded Transcript and a Resource List that provide additional material as well as sources of data and information presented in the video, and links to other resources that can provide more in-depth information on the topics discussed.


Want to find out more?


Each month, we will be releasing a video by an ESEA academic, which spotlights a specific ESEA community in Britain or specific issues faced collectively by ESEA communities in Britain and showcases the individual ESEA scholars working in these areas.  


Who are the ESEA academics we are featuring? 

  1. Dr. Diana Yeh - Introduction to ESEA Heritage Month

  2. Dr. Anh Khoi Nguyen - What is Heritage? The complexities of British-Vietnamese communities

  3. Dr. Cora Lingling Xu - The portrayal of Chinese international students: A critical review 

  4. Professor Gregory B. Lee - The Drummer in the Background Keeping Cadence: Micro- and macro-histories of the Chinese migrants in Britain

  5. Dr. Marlo De Lara - Displanting Routes: Sounding Philippine Diasporas

  6. Dr. Hyun-Joo Lim - North Korean women in the UK: human rights violations and activism 

  7. Dr. Wing Fai Leung - Butterflies and Resistance: Creative activism against persistent colonial gaze on East and Southeast Asian women 

  8. Dr. Maiko Kawabata - Cultural Imperialism, the New Yellow Peril and the racialisation of East Asian musicians in professional Western European orchestras

  9. Dr. Shzr Ee Tan - Radical Aunties of East Asia

  10. Dr. Roderick G Galam - Filipino Undocumented Migrant Domestic Workers and the UK Hostile Environment Policy

  11. Dr. Eva Cheuk-Yin Li - New Hong Kong Migrants in the UK: Social Media Content and Influencers 

  12. Dr. Flair Donglai SHI - Negotiating Racism and Chineseness between Sinophobia and Sinocentrism 

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