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ESEA Scholars Blog

A space for ESEA critical thinkers.

What is the ESEA Scholars Corner?

Taking control over the way we are represented in academic work and to ensure that research on ESEA communities is first and foremost made by us and for us

Reflections on ESEA Conference Organising

A collection of reflections on their experience of organising and hosting 'Doing Race and Gender as East and South-east Asian (ESEA) Scholars' Conference 2022

ESEA Mini-Talk Series

A lecture series highlighting ESEA academics in the UK and their work with ESEA communities.

ESEA Heritage Month Resource Package

ESEA Hub's East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month resources especially designed to inspire and support universities and workplaces to host their own ESEA Heritage Month events

'Studying while ESEA' awareness campaign videos

A set of awareness campaign videos aiming to shed light on the experiences of ESEA students in UK Higher Education


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