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In 2023, ESEA Hub has worked on producing the first East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month resources especially designed for universities and workplaces.

Co-creating these resources with East and Southeast Asian students and professionals, our project aims to enhance understanding and build awareness of these invisible communities. We hope that our ESEA Heritage Month Resources will inspire and support universities and workplaces to host their own ESEA HM events.

Our ready-to-use resources include:

An Introduction to East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month video, which includes an Expanded Transcript and Resource List for further reading.

ESEA Mini-Talk Series by 12 academics sharing the latest research on ESEA communities in Britain in an engaging and accessible way.

A set of awareness campaign videos on life as an ESEA student in UK Higher Education.

This project is part of a strand of work on ‘Building sustainable infrastructures of knowledge and representation’, in which we bring together communities to develop new narratives to educate ESEAs and the wider society about ESEA presence and histories in the UK to support long-term structural and social and cultural change. It is part of the wider project Responding to COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racial Violence through Community Creativity, Care, Solidarity and Resistance led by Dr Diana Yeh.

ESEA Heritage Month Resource Package

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