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Workshop collaboration with Ghost and John

In the past two years, we witnessed the uprising of the global majority with the full-bloom Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, where we see crowds of hundreds gathering in Central London, and the Anti-Asian Hate movement in late 2021. In the fight against racism and violence, can we come together and form greater force in claiming our right to exist?

In a recent article in New York Times, the stark difference in how Black and Asian activists see the issue of policing and the split within the racial group were revealed to be great hindrances for unity. It makes me wonder about the situation in the UK: What is our story? What stands in between us? How can we work together?

Together with a collective of artists, Ghost and John are setting up a CIC focusing on producing and presenting art and cultural events that aim at fostering inter-racial solidarity. As art-makers, we see how theatres, galleries and art spaces are constantly displaying, demonstrating, wildly imagining ways for us to examine our own trauma, empathise with the other's pain and support each other’s fight for justice and freedom.

At this roundtable, leaders working on racial justice across art, business, academics and charity gather, share their work and the challenges they are facing. We invite all to scrutinise the current activist’s ecology and wildly imagine how we can come together, join forces and support each other’s activism.

Date: 11 Mar 2022 (Friday)
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: AG01, College Building, City University of London

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