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Workshop collaboration with Remember & Resist

This is a two-part online participatory workshop series, hosted and designed by Remember & Resist. These workshops are for East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) people to strategise together in the wake of heightened racism during the Covid pandemic.

Content warning for workshops: discussion of racist harassment and attacks, police brutality

The first workshop, what's wrong with hate crime? will explore issues with the 'hate crime' framing of racist attacks and its implications. There will be a short presentation, after which we will read a short text together and discuss in breakout rooms.

The second workshop, strategies for community care, will explore how we might respond to racist attacks and climates without relying on police. In breakout rooms, we will strategise about responses to scenarios based on real events in break out rooms.

The workshops will be taking place on Zoom. As these workshops are designed in two parts, we ask participants to commit to both workshops in a series. Please only sign up if you can commit to both; we have limited spaces, and have designed the workshops for a specific number of participants. Of course we understand that life is unpredictable! If you sign up and in the end are unable to make it, please just let us know as early as possible so we can fill up the space.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to attend the workshops, but they will be participatory.

Registration link: 

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