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Workshop collaboration with Scott Wark

You’re invited!

The last few years have brought ESEA communities together: to resist anti-Asian racial violence; to create informal networks of care; to express solidarity in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic; and, amidst so much turbulence, to celebrate what makes us who we are.

But what has it really meant to be ESEA and to build ESEA community in Covid times? What experiences, moments, events, connections, or memories define ESEA organising during the pandemic? How might we begin to build a collective narrative of this period?

Building on research and knowledge exchange by ESEA Hub, the Public Data Lab, and the People Like You: Contemporary Figures of Personalisation project, this workshop invites members of the ESEA community to share their experiences of, and reflections on community, care, solidarity, and resistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ll start by going through media and data that we’ve collected documenting the spread and development of ESEA – the term/communities – over the last few years. With your help, we want to try and build a collective timeline that captures this period. What is included in these online materials? What is missing? How might we make an archive of these times? What can we learn from ESEA mobilisations during the pandemic? What might come next?

These workshops won’t require any preparation - just your presence. Unwaged participants will be remunerated for their time. There will be drinks and snacks available for the in-person session. All workshops will be facilitated by Scott Wark.

You may attend one of the workshops scheduled below:

Thursday, July 28, 5-7pm conducted online through Zoom

Wednesday, August 3, 5-7pm conducted online through Zoom

Friday, August 5, 1-3pm conducted in-person at City, University of London

Please confirm your attendance through one of the links above. We will be conducting the same workshop for each session. For the online sessions, you will need to be signed into your Zoom accounts to access the workshop.

Hope to see you there!

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