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Abolitionist Approaches to Hate Crime zine by Remember & Resist

This zine seeks to document Remember & Resist's collaborative work around the issue of 'hate crime' - focusing on the ways East and Southeast Asians are mobilising around 'hate crime' in this moment (or for the past year and a half). It includes attempts at an abolitionist analysis of the 'Covid racism' and 'hate crime' discourse that emerged at the beginning of the pandemic; documentation of our workshops exploring 'hate crime' approaches to racism and strategising alternatives; a report on NGO-led 'hate crime' workshops for community groups; and pieces critiquing diaspora organising - one critiquing the demands that persistently circulate within 'ESEA' organising, and others on the possibilities of cross-diaspora and cross-class solidarity.

October 12, 2021

Access the zine here.

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