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Aunty Lin / Joy Muhammad Arrow


KHARTINA - a British, Brown skinned Malay mother of two, returning to work after maternity leave. Cockney accent, big hoopy earrings and quite curvy.

AUNTY LIN - a ghost of Khartina’s guardian. Malay but with Chinese features. Was killed in a racial attack. Has a large red blood stain on her shirt from multiple stab wounds. Wears batik sarong and walks around barefoot. Dead, grey complexion.

YUSUF - Khartina’s husband. Black British freelance project manager. Sensible and strait laced. Wears traditional video conference gear of crisp shirts with cargo trousers.

AHMED AND SADIQA - Khartina’s and Joseph’s kids. Ahmed is a toddler but can’t talk yet. Sadiqa talks a lot, and is about 4 - 5 years old.


Writer and Narrator: JM Arrow

Video Production: Ghost and John

Khartina: JM Arrow

Yusuf: Moustatfa Hulou

Sadiqa: JM Arrow

Aunty Lin: JM Arrow


Joy Muhammad Arrow

is a writer and activist covering Muslim, BESEA and queer issues. She has been volunteering for LGBTQIA organisations for longer than she can remember. Her writings have been featured in various LGBTQIA , religious and BESEA led organisations and events. Joy also does occasional onscreen and media appearances, sharing her experience on marginalised identities.

She is currently working on a BESEA led project covering pre and post pandemic anti ESEA racism and a couple of novels.

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