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The pandemic has affected people in so many different ways and I wanted to express my feelings and bring to people's attention something that is affecting communities across the UK, but is very rarely reported in the media.

'Faces' is a project that I had been thinking of for a while, to raise awareness of this situation and also help raise funds for a related cause.

After reading and seeing on the news / social media throughout 2020, the increasing levels of racism and 'hate crime' towards people of East and Southeast Asian heritage in the UK and worldwide, I felt that I needed to be proactive and share these common stories and feelings. This also coincided with the lobbying by the amazing Viv Yau and Sarah Owen MP to get this issue raised in parliament.

'The project required searching for various soundbytes online; though they were not difficult to find, it was quite a painful and emotional task in itself.' The composition of some simple chords and strings intend to convey a feeling of melancholy and hope.

'I eventually self-released the track in October on Bandcamp where all proceeds were donated to "End The Virus Of Racism" - the UK’s first nonprofit dedicated to addressing racism towards people of East and Southeast Asian heritage.' Their aim is to provide a trusted and independent service to support victims of racism, something that does not exist in the UK today.

Artwork by Paul Wong

Mastering by Audio Animals


Rob Chung

aka Chug is a British Born Chinese, London based DJ/producer making Drum and Bass music releasing on labels such as Soul Deep, Tru-Thoughts, Liquid Lab, Smooth N Groove, Amphibious Audio and most recently Inform Records.

His style is Liquid Drum and Bass where he combines influences from Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B, UK Garage, Reggae with Jungle / Drum and Bass.

He has also worked in the Music Industry for 11+ years, across Publishing, Record Services and Neighbouring Rights, combining his passion for music with Data and Analytics.

Boys will be Boys / Anonymous

In September 2021 I was so relieved for my son to go back to school for face-to-face lessons. He didn’t work so well during lockdown. He refused to participate in the online lessons – he said they wer


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