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Reflective Stories - Everyday survival and resilience of esea women / Kai Hsieh


Kai Yu Yun Hsieh

is an Erasmus Mundus scholar originally from Taiwan and based in the United Kingdom. She completed her international joint Masters in Adult Education for Social Change with distinction from the University of Glasgow in 2021. Her interests lie in race and racism, intersectional feminism, EDI initiatives, sexual violence in higher education, social entrepreneurship and human rights activism. In 2021 September, she won 2nd place in the University of Glasgow PGT Dissertation Conference with her research focusing on the racialised experience of Asian female international students in Scotland through an intersectional lens and critical theory.

The piece above draws on interview extracts from this research.

Boys will be Boys / Anonymous

In September 2021 I was so relieved for my son to go back to school for face-to-face lessons. He didn’t work so well during lockdown. He refused to participate in the online lessons – he said they wer


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