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I Am Not A Virus / Hannah Yabut

I am not a virus - Hannah Yabut - ESEA Community Hub

In this painting, I wanted to depict my experience as a young, Filipino person during the Coronavirus pandemic and examine how the historical and systematic blame of Asian people still affects us, even centuries later.

There has always been the notion that we are something ‘other’ and ‘alien’, thus reasonable targets for violence and scapegoating, and that has yet to change. Growing up having to navigate through this continuum of anti-Asian hate, exclusion and fetishisation made me feel dehumanised and invisible.

I am not your scapegoat. I am not invisible. I am not a virus.


Hannah Yabut

My name is Isa and I’m a self-taught artist. My work often touches on themes of human emotion and experience through the use of both traditional and digital media.

My personal hobby art can be found on Instagram at @isamiisu

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