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Back in September 2021, we opened a call for creative responses to COVID-related racism and we commissioned 17 pieces of work, from illustrations and photos, to videos and writings.

The works encompass pertinent topics: violent assaults and other forms of racial violence, stereotyping and model minority myths, stories from marginalised working-class people, and radical self care. They together form a body of complex and nuanced works recording the time our community has gone / is going through. These projects created by individual illustrators, musicians, and writers generously offer a deep review of their lived experience, allowing viewers a sophisticated understanding through various forms of expression and perspectives.

Launched online on 11 March 2022, the statement we collectively presented here with our creative responses signifies a chorus of ESEA voices that is defiant and strong, never to be forgotten. 

We aim at holding an open space for the critical and creative expression of ideas. The following content contains graphic descriptions and photo documentations of physical assault, verbal abuse and sexual harassment. Please continue with discretion.

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