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The Beasts Within / Mikayla Teodoro

Throughout the pandemic, East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) members of society suffered not only from the deadly virus, but also from the rampant racism that came with it. From racist slurs to physical violence, ESEA citizens were forced to isolate in fear of the attacks that ran throughout the United Kingdom. ‘The Beasts Within’ aims to show the predatory nature that racism had throughout the pandemic. ESEA citizens were unable to walk safely through the streets of the UK, thus forcing them into further isolation. Many East and Southeast Asians, unable to fight back, were treated as prey for the racists to attack on. And from the predators, a light from their eyes, an aura of superiority and misplaced supremacy, spread through the streets and towns and cities creating the pandemic of racism.

The digital illustrations were created on photoshop and procreate, best printed on giclee paper with dimensions 210 x 297mm.


Mikayla Teodoro

is a set and puppet designer as well as an illustrator. She was born and raised in the Philippines and now resides in Cardiff, Wales. She likes to explore magical realism in her illustration work and believes in the advocacy of promoting East and Southeast Asian talent. Aside from her illustration work, she is currently developing a puppet company that highlights ESEA stories, materials, designs, and culture.

Boys will be Boys / Anonymous

In September 2021 I was so relieved for my son to go back to school for face-to-face lessons. He didn’t work so well during lockdown. He refused to participate in the online lessons – he said they wer


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